TOOL 6.3: Approved Medications for Pediatric Indications

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TOOL 6.3: Approved Medications for Pediatric Indications

Medications may be used as indicated or as off-label use for symptoms related to features of concussion (i.e., migraine headache, muscular discomfort, sleep, cognitive, and mood disorders) or for patients with an acute or prolonged concussion who also have co-existing medical diagnoses that may have been prescribed medications for other indications.

Use clinical judgment and discretion at all times when prescribing medication.

Abbreviations: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD);Per os (po); bis in die (two times a day- BID); hour (h); IV (intravenous); omne in die -once a day (od); every morning (qAM); ter in die- three times a
day (TID); as needed dosing (prn).

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