2023 Updated Concussion Protocols. 2023 Living Guideline Updated Recommendations and Protocols

  • Rest: How much is required and what activities are suggested immediately after a concussion
  • Strengthened guidance on the role of early aerobic exercise as therapy for treating concussion
  • Timing of clearance for return to full-contact sports (aligned with 6th CISG)
  • Return to school and return to sports and activity steps (New protocols!)
  • Advice on maintaining social networks and interactions during recovery
  • Use of devices with screens after a concussion
  • Harmonized tools that are available for recognizing, diagnosing, and managing concussion (CRT6, ACRM diagnostic criteria, SCAT6, SCOAT6)

The Living Guideline for Pediatric Concussion Care shares up-to-date evidence-based clinical recommendations & tools for healthcare professionals diagnosing and managing children and adolescents with concussion. This project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health in Canada and includes over 45 volunteer concussion experts from across the US and Canada who work together to review the latest evidence and update the clinical recommendations and tools as the evidence evolves.