Overview of updates

Major updates to clinical care and return to sports and school protocols:
  • -Major update and clarification on how much rest is required and what activities are permitted immediately after a concussion
  • -Strengthened guidance on the role of early aerobic exercise as therapy for treating concussion
  • -Change in timing of clearance for return to full-contact sports
  • -Major updates and clarifications to the return to school and return to sports and activity steps
  • -Updated advice on maintaining social networks and interactions during recovery
  • -Strengthened guidance on use of devices with screens after a concussion
  • -Updated list of tools that are available for recognizing, diagnosing, and managing concussion (CRT6, ACRM diagnostic criteria, SCAT6, SCOAT6)

Updates to Clinical Care and Tools:

Tools for recognizing and diagnosing concussion

Domain 1: Concussion Recognition and Directing to Care


Domain 2: Initial medical assessment and management





Domain 3: Medical follow-up and persisting concussion symptoms


Domain 4: Medical clearance and sport related concussion considerations

Domain 12: Return to school