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Tool! “Virtual Care Exam Training Resource

Tool 15.3: Virtual Care Exam Training Resource. A training manual to assist front-line healthcare professionals who are caring for patients that cannot be seen in person or have already had an in-person assessment and require follow-up. Please see “Recent Clinical Guideline Updates” for more information about how this tool was reviewed and selected for inclusion in the guideline by our expert panel.

Myth or Fact

Youtube video series created by PedsConcussion co-lead Dr. Roger Zemek in collaboration with SIRC (Sport Information Resource Centre)

  1. Fact or myth? “Younger children take longer to recover from concussions compared with older teens” FACT: Clinical recommendation # 2.1b: Risk modifiers for a prolonged recovery 

  2. Fact or myth? “Boys are at a higher risk of concussion, and concussion recovery takes longer in boys.” FACT: Clinical recommendation # 2.1b: Risk modifiers for a prolonged recovery 

  3. Fact or Myth? “Following a concussion, youth may safely resume only once they are symptom-free.” FACT: Clinical recommendation # 2.3 “Recommend that low to moderate level physical and cognitive activity be gradually started 24-48 hours after a concussion at a level that does not result in recurrence or exacerbation of symptoms.”


Clinical Recommendations: Telemedicine and Virtual Care Concussion Considerations : Released March 2021

We are pleased to share a new set of clinical recommendations for health care professionals that includes considerations for telemedicine and virtual concussion care.



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A systematic review protocol for assessing equity in clinical practice guidelines for traumatic brain injury and homelessness

We started a "Pediatric Concussion" Twitter List
We thought it would be an opportunity to connect the community & work together to ensure everyone with a concussion gets the best possible evidence-based care!

Please follow the list & share if interested!

#PedsConcussion Diagnosis?

Refer to an interdisciplinary concussion team:

✔️Athlete/active➡️REFER RIGHT AWAY (Aerobic exercise threshold testing as early as 1-2d)
✔️Increased risk slow recovery ➡️REFER RIGHT AWAY
✔️ANYONE not improving after 2-4w

Have you been diagnosed with a concussion or an anxiety disorder? Consider participating in our research study to help us learn about mental health outcomes to improve treatments for youth. Learn more here:

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